North Cyprus mail, delivery of goods.

Mail of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRSK), delivery of goods from online stores of other countries. 

Cyprus is divided into two parts: South ( Cyprus) and Northern ( TRSK). Since in the world community, TRSK is recognized as a solo Republic Turkey, parcels here go through the transport hub in Turkey under the name of MERCIN 10, MERSIN 10. This is an important code word, without which the parcel can go to Cyprus of the South Greek side, to the central post office of Nicosia. It can be taken by the owner, only having permission to visit the Greek side. ( Read in our separate article visiting Cyprus and TRSK). 
The parcel with the address, looks as follows:
33000, Turkey, via Mersin–10
Next, your address is indicated in Northern Cyprus. For example, 33000, Turkey, via Mersin–10. 99300, Girne, Chatalky, Sylan street, book C, flat 3, Ivano Ivan
. Phone number (necessarily) must belong to TRSK and start with +90.  You will receive SMS notification - pick up the parcel
Goods ordered in international online stores are subject to plant and are issued in the port area in YENI LIMAN girl picket, personal belongings are issued at the central mail of GIRNE MERKE POCHTANESI. 
Approximate calculation of goods-price of goods 24 dollars, order with Aliexpress. The import tax will be $ 10 - part of the amount of the mail work - fixed, part depends on the price of the goods. About 3/7. 

Postal codes of cities and regions of Northern Cyprus
Gyrne 99300
Alsandzhak 99350
Lapta 99420
Esentep 99400
Karaoglanoglu 99428
Nicosia 99010
Lefkosa CIU 99258
Lefkosha NEU 99138
Famagusta 99450
Famagusta EMU 99628
Buyukkonuk 99880
Goneil 99150
Huselurt 99700
Lefke 99770
Dipcarpaz 99890
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